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Anyone else totally bummed about Google Reader going away?

eli.pousson posted over 4 years ago

yeah, discussion at the office this morning about what to switch to... I got a subscription to newsblur, which seems good, but their servers are getting hammered right now. Yann was looking at feedly, which looks a bit too much whitespace for my tastes, and also it is free which means that it eventually will go away or advertisements or something.

what are you thinking about?

Also, totally not surprised, I mean we weren't paying for it, were we? Also, when are they going to pull out gmail from under us :D

JonBro posted over 4 years ago

I use Google Reader as my podcatcher (linked to an app on my phone) as well as an RSS feed reader so I need to replace both. Still looking but feedly looks interesting. This also looks cool - but you need to install it yourself on your own server so maybe not for me.

eli.pousson posted over 4 years ago

a story about why it went down.

JonBro posted over 4 years ago

Sadness. First it was igoogle and then google reader. I am probably the only one here that uses igoogle, and that is exactly why they are shutting it down. I am not sure what i will set my browser homepage to if not igoogle. I have a couple of google reader widgets on igoogle for my different folders (one for work related feeds and one for distractions (basically all my other rss feeds).

So I am using two of my major google tools. I decided not to worry about the igoogle demise until it happens because i figured there would be some alternative in place. But I dont know what to do about google reader... For that I actually have to take some sort of action.

Sigh. This is similar to when delicious was almost shut down before they got bought. And in that instance i tried to convert to google bookmarks, but it wasn't the same. Actually delicious hasn't been the same since it got bought but I still use it, but not as much as i did before.

I wonder if flipboard will have a desktop version by then?

agata posted over 4 years ago

Yeah it's too bad, I guess it was fun while it lasted.

I definitely used google reader many times a day, though very rarely in the browser (which I suppose is one of the usage patterns that probably led to the downfall). I used an app on my phone to get to my reader account, and that app doesn't sync with many other reader services (for now).

I generally get annoyed with things like flipboard/feedly because they seem too focused on the design experience, whereas I completely just want lines of text that I can scan quickly and pick out what interests me. Newsblur seems like the best option, though I was unable to set up an account yesterday :)

also, I don't have many feeds. When this all went down yesterday i realized that I have like under 10. Suggest me some feeds to read!

Yann posted over 4 years ago is the new delicious.

newsblur is still running pretty slow, and I don't think it has yet picked up on my habits, so it isn't quite as good as googlereader. Will report back in a bit.

JonBro posted over 4 years ago

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