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rhye released their debut full length last week. it brings the grown and sexy. they are like an xx that knows how to write charts for woodwinds. the album is on spotify.

Rhye Verse from wan man yan on Vimeo.

onny posted over 4 years ago

onny posted over 4 years ago

Hahaha Onny that is masterful. I also like the not so subtle trolling calling the planet "Aldebaran" like 3 times.

Zach posted over 4 years ago

Yeah... they did an awesome job with that. Also it made me feel like this is some giant issue that George Lucas didn't deal with. I like the idea of Darth trying to work behind the scenes to screw the Empire for the benefit of his family. It seems like an Anakin move.

some new JT...

here's the same song live and with a bad haircut...

onny posted over 4 years ago

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