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Found this awesome old radio series called X Minus One on the Internet Archive a few weeks ago. Sound quality on some of them isn't great but hey, it's old-timey radio. Plus there's the hidden gem of the occasional PBR or cereal ad, or an episode announced by Don Pardo of SNL fame.

Stream off the webs or download the whole shebang.

Zach posted over 4 years ago

sweet man! (paging morgan to this).

JonBro posted over 4 years ago

It's pretty cool to hear some of the old Asimov and Bradbury stories acted out with voice and foley work. Plus, they're all between 20-30 mins, perfect for a commute or workout, or if you don't want to commit to 2 hours of a podcast.

Zach posted over 4 years ago

Definitely checking this out.

eli.pousson posted over 4 years ago

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