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the new humble bundle has a game that I helped out with in it, along with a bunch of other great stuff... Somewhere in this thread I might be dumping keys, but don't wait for me to :D

JonBro posted over 4 years ago

gaseous form of water keys:

TWA: 0XLR3-0Y?V0-RQT?2
LI: 6?ZWK-R4DAF-62W68
A: 395A7-5WP8P-RTIZ6
HLM: BZZI6-H455W-0D2L5
P: WHN6P-?GF35-HH2X9

question marks become "E"... post if you take em.

JonBro posted over 4 years ago

Wow, that seems to be going well! $1m in half a day? I'd love to see them keep that pace :)

Yann posted over 4 years ago

I found this interesting. I would have guessed that Mac people would pay a little more than Windows peeps, but Linux people paying so much more? I had no idea. The morals are strong with those ones...

As of 11:53am Eastern on 5/29 here are the stats:
Average purchase:
Average Windows:
Average Mac:
Average Linux:
(this is the average of ~20K linux users, if I am eyeballing the pie chart correctly, so the few >$300 contributions should have little effect)

Which game did you help with, Jon?

onny posted over 4 years ago


agata posted over 4 years ago

I worked on proteus. I was also a tester on HLM, but I don't know if cactus incorporated my feedback at all.

JonBro posted over 4 years ago

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