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Q: What happens when the person responsible for starting cupcake-themed happy birthday threads has a birthday?

A: It takes like half the day to get the thread started, but it is no less heartfelt or cupcakey.

Happy Happy Birthday Day Agata!

danny boy posted over 4 years ago

Can we create a jackpot prize for the first partymoder to visit you two? Because I am intent on winning that.

danny boy posted over 4 years ago


bill posted over 4 years ago

Awwww Thanks!

YES there will be prizes given to the first person who visits. YOU GET A CHICKEN! The gift that keeps giving :). Everyone else gets eggs.

agata posted over 4 years ago

Happy Birthday Ags! Since we can't have a real puppy at our house, I found a vid with birthday puppies. Scruffy Waggie Ones!

bhallbhall posted over 4 years ago


agata posted over 4 years ago

special pmode happy birthday agata!! I got you this little amelie moment - an interpreter for the deaf KILLING IT in front of the wu-tang clan at bonnaroo:

inspired by the highly recommendable A G A T A spotify playlist (no wu on there, but plenty of contemporaries):

ashley posted over 4 years ago

happy birthday! me and morgan will make it out there eventually, we promise.

JonBro posted over 4 years ago

Yeah - we will visit. I keep being really jealous of all your pictures of good food, chickens, northwesty landscapes, and the like. HB belatedly :)

Morgan posted over 4 years ago

This thread is wonderful! Sorry to have missed the boat on it. I followed your birthday via social media, Agata, seemed like a great time. Kristina and I really really really really want to come and ride around the islands on a ferry with you guys.

Yann posted over 4 years ago

Thank you all! My birthday was awesome, but I missed all of my friends a lot.

I can't wait for everyone to come visit. We haven't decided if we are going to have the wedding in the Seattle area or in NY, but if we do have it in Seattle we should all take some ferry rides, maybe we will even have the wedding on one of the islands. Who knows!

agata posted over 4 years ago

i'm so late... happy birthday agata!

onny posted over 4 years ago

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