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Hey, friends in Scotland, and friend who has lived in France -- a longshot request for a favor:

Can you recommend any companies/stores/websites where people would buy in-wall electrical boxes, the kind into which you'd install a standard electrical outlet? :-)

Or, if you have any exposed boxes of this type at your office (specifically a business/commercial place, not a home), would you be willing to take a ruler to one, and let me know what the vertical and width measurements are? :-))

Or, if you just happen to be super knowledgeable about in-wall electrical boxes, could you tell me the vertical and width measurements of the most-common, most-popular box? :-)))

I'm having trouble finding enough information online to come to a confident conclusion about the most-common, typical measurements of these boxes in the UK and in Europe. (I know the UK and Europe versions may be somewhat different, although their electrical standards have been harmonized in the past 2 years.)

Thanks, if you're able to give me any help on this odd request...

bill posted over 4 years ago

do you just mean the plug sockets in the wall? that you plug things in?

like this (UK) one?

if so, I'd say that in the UK that one is the most common, a dual plug socket (with individual switches, because british people are crazy paranoid about electrical fires). you often see single plug ones too. i'm sitting right next to one now but I don't have a measuring tape on me...

European ones tend to be pretty different, and can take a number of different forms. but one thing at a time, gimme a second.

Yann posted over 4 years ago

ok, i'm back. this site says that 145mm x 85mm is "Standard UK Double Socket Size".

Yann posted over 4 years ago

ok, and in terms of european plugs, I'm mostly experienced with France but I imagine that it's pretty similar all across the continent. As a general rule the newer plug sockets have the third pin built in, which necessitates a sunken design. kind of annoying!

looks like this:

you see single sockets more often there than in the UK, but more and more you see double sockets too. The dimensions on that double socket there are 13.8cm x 7.2cm x 3.1cm.

hope that helps!

Yann posted over 4 years ago

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