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made this :D yay robots!

dan, I am open to any suggestions on how to make it less shitty... I think I need to write some better control software for it, maybe in not the nxt language, but if there are any mechanical suggestions to raise stability, I am all ears.

JonBro posted over 4 years ago

Well, hello, bot!

As I recall from my lego days, the crown gear was kinda crappy. Maybe try a worm instead? Also, more than one support holding the shaft connected to the crown gear would help.

Also, why two motors to turn? Any slight difference in the speed of the motors is going to give you issues. It doesn't seem like you need the torque. Maybe try one motor?

Hope that helps!

onny posted over 4 years ago

This is awesome.

It reminds me of that video that someone (probably dan) posted on partymode about how people try to design robots to have a same mechanism that chickens have for keeping their head in the same place while their body movies.

I am trying to find that video and failing. Maybe I can recreate it with our own chickens....

Anywho. Did i tell you that we got a keepon? I was so excited with it at first and then kinda dissapointed. It's motor is so big and loud. Granted we got the cheap commercial version of it and I am guessing the originals were made with more quality materials.

agata posted over 4 years ago


It's very awesome to think about what your programming chops could do in the robot world.

I like Onny's suggestions/questions.

I guess the real question is what your desired end result is (in terms of speed, repeatability, stability, angle of rotation, etc.) Do you eventually want another axis of rotation?

Random ideas:
-Get ShapeLock reformable plastic, asap. It's the new duct tape or hot glue. Good for making a rigid connector to that camera.

-Gear it down more. Onny's worm gear idea would help. A two stage reduction might be necessary.

-Check out the heavy-duty lazy-susan-ish bearings that LEGO has:

-A pair of hydraulic syringe actuators situated like Johnny Five's head would be smooth and amazing and totally impractical.

danny boy posted over 4 years ago

ah sorry to not respond to the thread. the reason I am using the crown gear is so that I have to angles of rotation. the video is only showing one, but if I drive the motors in the same direction, then the camera tilts. yay for pan tilt!

My initial plan for it was to make at thing that could play pong with the moon as the ball, but I am not sure if that is going to work. Potentially at low speeds.

Now that I have seen what I am actually getting out of it, I may use it for a kind of physical match move. so I can superimpose videos that have the same pan tilt behavior, but either different content or different locations.

I think redesigning the differential assembly is really the way to go, I will dig, I think I have a worm gear somewhere. barring that, I might have a few more bits I can gear down with.

too bad the keepon isn't cool :( modern robots: loud motors!

JonBro posted over 4 years ago

actually on more thought, the problem is trying to solve this with a differential, I could get the same result by mounting the tilt motor on a powered turntable (to get the panning).

JonBro posted over 4 years ago

Ahhh Jonbro, that's brilliant, didn't know that was a differential

Keep us posted!

danny boy posted over 4 years ago

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