party shout

Pittsburgh pmoders (ie: Billy and Zach... and then there were two...) I am coming to your town in a couple of weeks! Amazon is sending me out there to convince CMU students to join our team.

Let's hang out!

agata posted over 3 years ago

Hey -- sorry for a late reply on here, I have to confess that I don't visit much (despite the discovery that p.mode came back to life on its own).

Z.Beard is not a Pittsburgh-dweller anymore (sorry to speak for him -- maybe he'll stop by here soon, though) but I'm certainly around and happy to hang out! Glad you're coming to town. Will catch up with you via email.

bill posted over 3 years ago

Woh, so now there is only one pmoder in Pittsburgh!? Wow.

Well I can't wait to see you Billy. I just responded to your email. And I hope i can see your band play on Saturday :)

agata posted over 3 years ago

Yup, holding down the Fort Pitt, here. Really excited to see you too, Agata! And thanks! Will be in touch.

bill posted over 3 years ago

Hey, yeah sorry for not keeping everyone updated about that! Moved back home while I'm freelancing/job hunting/waiting to hear from grad schools, but I hope things work out where I can return ASAP. Sorry I'll miss you Agata, I hope you can rope some unwitting graduates into Amazon's webs!

Zach posted over 3 years ago

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