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Oh dearest Partymode - how I have thus neglected you. Please allow this post to right such dastardly wrongs. I was busy - what can I say?!

Busy marrying the coolest guy EVER (for me that is - you other dudes are cool - and the folks you are dating/married/lifepartnered with are also neato)

But I digress.

Thanks Partymode for coming together to give Jonbro and I a honeymoon to the Shetlands. We are flabbergasted and totally did not expect such a kind gift.

Jonathan and I are coming to Agata and Brian's nuptials - so if you can also attend we will give hugs and gratitude in person! (If you are invited - let me not assume!) ;)

But seriously folks - yous/yinz/y'all are the most wonderful of friends and we are lucky to have you (Partymode - this goes for you too)

Lots Of Love (or as my Grandma Lois says - LOL)

<3 Morgan

Picture from Kristina - Thanks for the fabulous camera skills! Yann too ;)

Morgan posted over 3 years ago


Ok before everyone gets nervous about whether or not you are invited to the A&B wedding. We haven't sent out save the dates or invites yet. They are coming soon! So don't feel neglected! Some folks got headsup because of the traveling distance (like Scotland ;).


agata posted over 3 years ago

This is fantastic news, all around, and just great to see a festive photo of you two!

[edit] wow, this website really started working again at just the right time.

Also M & J, what do you think of leaking the news on NTMTO too?

bill posted over 3 years ago

Congratulations you two!!! Woohoo! Love the pics too. Total Awesomeness.

bhallbhall posted over 3 years ago

I have no qualms with telling NTMTO (another message board I have been neglecting!)


Morgan posted over 3 years ago

yeah totally! I am the worst at partymode these days. :(

should I post on NTMTO? I haven't been there in ages.

JonBro posted over 3 years ago

So flippin happy for you two!

This is, easily, the finest wedding photograph (and the finest wedding ensemble) I have ever seen. Seee you in Seeeattle!

danny boy posted over 3 years ago

Cannot wait to see yinz! Aaaarrrgghhhh - so cool. Also - I been married for 3 weeks. Whut?! Whoa!

Morgan posted over 3 years ago

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