party shout

can I shut this thing down?

I dunno, it is costing me some money, and I don't feel like we are really using it.


JonBro posted over 3 years ago

With some kind of ceremony via Google Hangout, maybe, yeah. :-D

Thanks for keeping it open for so long. If it's costing you money, I feel we should certainly let it go.

bill posted over 3 years ago

Yeah I'll second that. Any chance of archiving the posts offline beforehand? Not sure I'd ever use it, but it would be nice to have...

Zach posted over 3 years ago

yeaaa, I guess it's time...sad


danny boy posted over 3 years ago

I am totally up for a google hangout or whatever :( I mean, I actually just paid the bill for another year, but it seems like we will probably get another 5-6 posts in that time.

I dunno, it is frustrating to move from here to sites dominated by corporate interests or whatever, but it seems like it has just fallen off. I suspect it has to do with all of our chat existing on those platforms rather than here. I am actually impressed by how far this has made it, and I think it was a really interesting model.

I would happily archive the whole thing and chuck it somewhere in a browse-able / searchable form.

JonBro posted over 2 years ago

haha, also, wow, the history here is KINDA EMBARRASING!

it might be worth making it not publicly searchable ? dunno.

JonBro posted over 2 years ago

Yea i guess it is time. All good things must end.
:( :( :( :( :( :(

So many memories! I am kinda curious what sorts of things you found that were embarrassing. I would love to have a searchable archive, there are loads of times that I remember something and I know that it was something a pmoder posted ages ago.

It was a beautiful thing and a great way to keep in touch. Thank you for building, maintaining, and funding it Jonbro!

agata posted over 2 years ago

just start at the far side and start clicking forward.

but yeah, searchable archive is totally fine.

For me, the biggest loss is that this was a space that I felt we owned, and it had a group of people that was defined outside of the internet, rather than by an algo.

I have been thinking a bunch recently about the failings of both facebook and twitter, and this site stands in opposition to both of those platforms in a bunch of ways.

JonBro posted over 2 years ago

I totally agree. I kinda hate facebook with a vengeance and I would stop using it all together if I didn't worry that that was the only way I was really up to date with people. The Ads are killing me tho. Argh!

And Twitter is just too public. We wouldn't be able to have a conversation like this on twitter. I think I have already used more than 140 characters and since everything is visible to everyone we would be to self conscious.

I guess we could have a google+ circle?

agata posted over 2 years ago

Oh hey everyone!

I dunno, I find myself not really engaging in any social media at the moment, apart from passively reading facebook and then posting work stuff on twitter.

maybe i just need to be better?

Yann posted over 2 years ago

We are all gonna have to move in together - only solution.

Morgan posted over 2 years ago

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